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libfiu - Fault injection in userspace

libfiu is a C library for fault injection. It provides functions to mark
"points of failure" inside your code (the "core API"), and functions to
enable/disable the failure of those points (the "control API"). It's in the
public domain, see the LICENSE file for more information.

The core API is used inside the code wanting to perform fault injection on.
The control API is used inside the testing code, in order to control the
injection of failures.

Python bindings are available in the "bindings" directory.


You can find the user guide in the "doc" directory, and a manpage in the
"libfiu" directory. The manpage will be installed along the library.

Python bindings have embedded documentation, although it's not as complete.

Building and installing

Running "make" (or "gmake") should be enough for building, and "make install"
for installing. By default it installs into /usr/local, but you can provide an
alternative prefix by running "make PREFIX=/my/prefix install".

To build the Python bindings, use "make python2"; to install them you can run
"make python2_install". For the Python 3 bindings, use "make python3" and
"make python3_install".

Solaris users must use "gmake INSTALL=ginstall" instead of "make".

Where to report bugs

If you want to report bugs, or have any questions or comments, just let me
know at For more information about the library, you
can go to