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This page remains for historical and linking reasons, but if you want to release your work in the public domain or equivalent, I strongly suggest you look into Creative Commons' CC0, or the Unlicense project instead.

What is the BOLA?

The BOLA is a simple text that includes a common disclaimer and tells that the work you apply it to is in the public domain.

What does BOLA stand for?

BOLA means "Buena Onda License Agreement". In spanish, "Buena onda" means something like "cool" or "nice". "Bola" is a spanish word too, and means "ball". Just to be clear, I am NOT a lawyer and I don't want to have anything to do with them. Use it at your own risk. If nightmares about lawyers keep you up at night, stay away from it.


There are several licenses and disclaimers similar in spirit to BOLA. Some of them are:

The BOLA text

Here's the text. I usually place it in a file named LICENSE in the top directory of the project.
It's composed of an informal introduction, and then the license itself.

You can also browse the repository if you're interested in its history.
Last updated: 16/August/2009, Version 1.1.

I don't like licenses, because I don't like having to worry about all this
legal stuff just for a simple piece of software I don't really mind anyone
using. But I also believe that it's important that people share and give back;
so I'm placing this work under the following license.

BOLA - Buena Onda License Agreement (v1.1)

This work is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no
event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of
this work.

To all effects and purposes, this work is to be considered Public Domain.

However, if you want to be "buena onda", you should:

1. Not take credit for it, and give proper recognition to the authors.
2. Share your modifications, so everybody benefits from them.
3. Do something nice for the authors.
4. Help someone who needs it: sign up for some volunteer work or help your
   neighbour paint the house.
5. Don't waste. Anything, but specially energy that comes from natural
   non-renewable resources. Extra points if you discover or invent something
   to replace them.
6. Be tolerant. Everything that's good in nature comes from cooperation.

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