Sea star darcsweb is a very simple web interface for darcs, inspired by gitweb. It's written in Python and calls darcs to get most of the data.

It should work on any webserver without any special configuration besides enabling CGI; and it has been tested with lighttpd, thttpd, Apache and gofer.

It supports browsing records and their diffs, extracting diffs against the current head, browsing the current tree, annotate, provides an RSS/atom feed, etc.
Here are some demo sites you can browse to see how it looks:

You can also check out some screenshots:


The current version is 1.2, released on 2020-11-20: You can also browse all released files.

Debian and Ubuntu users can also install it using apt-get install darcsweb (note it may be an older version). If you prefer, you can use darcs instead, and do:

darcs get


After getting the source, copy everything to the directory inside your web space you want to put darcsweb in, and set up your webserver to allow CGIs inside it (only the darcsweb.cgi file needs CGI permissions).

To configure, copy the file to and edit it; you will configure your repositories there. Then just browse to the cgi file.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please let me know.