Sepia mestus git-arr is a git repository browser that can generate static HTML instead of having to run dynamically.

It is smaller, with less features and a different set of tradeoffs than other similar software, so if you're looking for a robust and featureful git browser, please look at gitweb or cgit instead.

However, if you want to generate static HTML at the expense of features, then it can be useful.

It's written in Python 3, uses the Bottle web framework, and is open source under the MIT licence.

Documentation and examples

For more details about how to use it, please see the README file.
You can also look at the sample config file to get an idea of how it is configured.

You can see what the output looks like by browsing my git repositories.


The current version is 0.30 (released on 2020-06-04): You can also browse all released files.

Patches are welcome. The source code is managed using git. You can browse the repository, or clone it by running:

git clone