Linux kernel patches

Here you can find a collection of patches for the Linux kernel that for different reasons are not in mainline (yet).

I've also published my kernel git tree, where you can find the patches in the form of tags and branches.

Note that all of them, unless explicitly noted, are a work in progress, so branches get frequently rebased.


dm-csum is a proof of concept for a device-mapper target that stores checksums on writes and verifies them on reads, and presents itself as a bio-integrity capable disk.
See the lkml discussion for more details. It is not stable yet.

There is also a git tree for the tools needed to format the underlying device: dm-csum-tools.

dm-csum-v1.patch (2009-05-21) - against v2.6.30-rc7-14-gb18f1e2
dm-csum-v2.patch (2009-05-26) - against v2.6.30-rc7-14-gb18f1e2


Miscellaneous minor patches can be found in the misc branch.
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