remoteu2f - Use U2F for PAM remotely

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remoteu2f is a project that enables the use of a FIDO U2F security key remotely, through a lightly-trusted proxy.

It is useful mainly to use as a second factor authentication for ssh and sudo-over-ssh.
For example:

It's written in Go, with some C for PAM integration.
It uses grpc for the RPC layer, tstranex/u2f to perform U2F operations, and codegangsta/cli for the CLI.

It's open source under the MIT licence.


This example shows how to initialize the configuration and register a key on the server, and how ssh looks like when using remoteu2f. The installation instructions have more details.


For now, download is only available via git:
git clone

The installation instructions cover how to use go get to install the different components.

Patches are welcome. You can also browse the git repository online.

Alberto Bertogli ( - Last updated 17/Nov/2015