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docs: Add known issue about dkimsign and post-data hook

author Alberto Bertogli
2021-05-24 00:00:40 UTC
committer Alberto Bertogli
2021-05-24 00:02:43 UTC
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docs: Add known issue about dkimsign and post-data hook

There's a known issue in versions 0.07 to 1.5 where the post-data hook
invocation can fail if the dkimsign binary exists, due to a bug in the
post-data hook check.

This was fixed by commit b6248f3, but it is found on occasion since the
current Debian stable ships 0.07, and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ships 1.2.

So this patch adds it to the known issues list.

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@@ -9,3 +9,19 @@ Entries are eventually be purged once their affected versions become uncommon,
 to prevent confusion.
+## `dkimsign` causes parsing errors in post-data hook (0.07 to 1.5)
+The default post-data hook in versions 0.07 to 1.5 has a bug where if the
+`dkimsign` command exists, unwanted output will be emitted and cause the
+post-data hook invocation to fail.
+The problem can be identified by the following error in the logs:
+Hook.Post-DATA error: error parsing post-data output: \"/usr/bin/dkimsign\\n...
+As a workaround, you can edit the hook and make the change
+[seen here](
+The issue is fixed in 1.6.