project description
5medias Simple SOCKS5 server 1613910834
abk A backup script 1187326104
annoying A repository with annoying content, for testing 1383426605
apparmor AppArmor profiles 1716110059
chasquid SMTP server 1715356042
css3fmt CSS auto-formatter 1591304887
dm-csum-tools Tools for dm-csum 1256690158
dnss DNS over HTTPS 1715504629
el Simple event reminder 1277421605
galala A static HTML image gallery 1503550580
git-arr Git repository browser 1692813763
go-net Go supplementary network libraries 1474059785
gofer Small web server and reverse proxy 1715452819
huecotes Make a file sparse using a fixed amount of additional space 1254779522
kxd Key exchange daemon 1692825968
libfilo File locking library 1133725592
libfiu Fault injection in userspace 1717949155
libjio Journaled I/O library 1539548965
linux-kernel The Linux kernel 1274744223
listen-drop-and-exec Helper that opens sockets, drops privileges and then executes a command 1480549117
log Simple logging library in Go 1590168037
msnlib Python MSN library 1321477557
nmdb A multiprotocol network database 1347492923
prometheus-expvar-exporter Go expvar exporter for prometheus 1713548753
pygen Static HTML generator 1692808173
pymisc Misc. Python modules 1229204689
pytipc TIPC module for Python 1220752908
pyweave Single-file Mozilla Weave server 1270681771
remoteu2f Use U2F for PAM remotely 1586020524
sea Save email attachments 1277423445
spf SPF (Sender Policy Framework) implementation in Go 1688574906
summer Detect accidental data corruption 1712487486
systemd Utilities to interact with systemd sockets in Go 1590709751
wikiri Single-file wiki engine 1230505804