project description
abk A backup script 1187326104
annoying A repository with annoying content, for testing 1383426605
apparmor AppArmor profiles 1420917000
blitiri Single-file blog engine 1220840976
bola BOLA license 1250466067
chasquid SMTP server 1491989561
dm-csum-tools Tools for dm-csum 1256690158
dnss DNS over GRPC/HTTPS 1480163048
el Simple event reminder 1277421605
galala A static HTML image gallery 1434909673
git-arr Git repository browser 1478137546
go-net Go supplementary network libraries 1474059785
huecotes Make a file sparse using a fixed amount of additional space 1254779522
kxd Key exchange daemon 1490213980
libfilo File locking library 1133725592
libfiu Fault injection in userspace 1484915064
libjio Journaled I/O library 1328748251
linux-kernel The Linux kernel 1274744223
listen-drop-and-exec Helper that opens sockets, drops privileges and then executes a command 1480549117
msnlib Python MSN library 1321477557
nmdb A multiprotocol network database 1347492923
pygen Static HTML generator 1305499868
pymisc Misc. Python modules 1229204689
pytipc TIPC module for Python 1220752908
pyweave Single-file Mozilla Weave server 1270681771
remoteu2f Use U2F for PAM remotely 1487885600
sea Save email attachments 1277423445
urraka An ebook manager 1405896939
wikiri Single-file wiki engine 1230505804