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tests: Make some regular expressions more flexible

author Alberto Bertogli
2015-10-18 15:11:00 UTC
committer Alberto Bertogli
2015-10-18 15:19:10 UTC
parent 04590824f3cf8f7562e1f9f76320d36e85b26eb2

tests: Make some regular expressions more flexible

Different versions can have different error messages, so use more flexible
regular expressions.

Unfortunately this is still more brittle than it should be, but it should help
with the tests under different environments.

tests/run_tests +2 -2

diff --git a/tests/run_tests b/tests/run_tests
index 16407a9..cff40ad 100755
--- a/tests/run_tests
+++ b/tests/run_tests
@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@ class BrokenServerConfig(TestCase):
-            "500 Internal Server Error.*Error loading certs")
+            "Error loading certs|No allowed certificate found")
     def test_missing_key(self):
@@ -465,7 +465,7 @@ class Delegation(TestCase):
     def setUp(self):
         # For these tests, we don't have a common setup, as each will create
         # server and clients in a slightly different way.
-        pass
+        self.daemon = None
     def prepare(self, server_self_sign=True, client_self_sign=True,
                 ca_sign_server=None, ca_sign_client=None):