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To install the library, run as root

# make install

It will copy the library to /usr/local/lib, manpages to /usr/local/man, and
headers to /usr/local/include.

If you want to change the prefix directory (/usr/local by default), for
instance, to /home/myself/usr; just run:

# make PREFIX=/home/myself/usr install

This will create inside PREFIX the directories "lib", "include" and "man" if
necesary, and put the required files in there.

After installing, you need to run "ldconfig" in order to update your dynamic
library cache.

So, if you want to install to /usr (like most distro bundled software do),
this is a brief command line summary:

# make PREFIX=/usr install
# ldconfig

There are other small options that might be useful (like compiling with
debugging information), you can check the Makefile for more information.

If you use any BSD, or if the default "make" is not GNU make, use "gmake"

After installing, you're ready to use the library; you can see how by looking
at the manpage with "man libfilo"

If you have any question, suggestion or comment, please send it to me, Alberto
Bertogli at