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Building and installing

To build and install the library and the checker (called jiofsck), run "make"
and then "make install" (usually as root). That installs everything using
/usr/local as the base directory (so the library gets installed in
/usr/local/lib, the manpage at /usr/local/man, and so on).

To use a different base directory, for example /home/myself, run
"make PREFIX=/home/myself install".

After installing, you need to run "ldconfig" in order to update your dynamic
library cache.

If the default "make" is not GNU make (like in BSD systems), use "gmake"
instead. If the default "install" is not GNU/BSD compatible (like in Solaris
systems), use "gmake INSTALL=ginstall".

Special builds

 - To build with debugging information: "make DEBUG=1".
 - To build with profiling support: "make PROFILE=1".
 - To build with fault injection support, if you have libfiu: "make FI=1".

Python bindings

The library comes with bindings for Python 2 and Python 3. In order to build
them, you should have libjio already installed.

 - To build the Python 2 bindings, run "make python2". To install them, run
   "make python2_install".
 - To build the Python 3 bindings, run "make python3". To install them, run
   "make python3_install".


Several tests can be found in the "tests/" directory. For practical purposes,
there are two make targets that run a reasonable set of tests against the
built version of the library:

 - To run the standard tests, run "make tests".
 - To run the tests with fault injection support, run "make FI=1 tests-fi".