Other projects

Most of the projects in this page are small and not worth a release, but are actively used and maintained (unless explicitly noted).

They're usually available through a git repository only.


A single-file blog engine written in Python. Uses reStructuredText for markup, and has tagging support.

git clone git://blitiri.com.ar/blitiri

Browse blitiri source


A single-file wiki engine written in Python. Uses reStructuredText for markup, and has optional git support for history tracking.

git clone git://blitiri.com.ar/wikiri

Browse wikiri source


A static HTML image gallery written in Python, and using the bottle.py framework for templating, and galleriffic for the displaying of the images via javascript. It keeps track of images in albums, generates thumbnails and scaled down versions of them, and arranges everything for publishing via rsync or similar.
git clone git://blitiri.com.ar/galala

Browse galala source


A single-file Mozilla Weave server written in Python. With it, you can use your own server to synchronize your bookmarks, instead of using Mozilla's.

git clone git://blitiri.com.ar/pyweave

Browse pyweave source


A backup script written in python. Originally oriented to do packet writing backups, it can do both incremental and complete backups (it uses an external index to do so), and can compress and checksum files on the fly with different algorithms.

git clone git://blitiri.com.ar/abk

Browse abk source


A static HTML generator. It's a small template system I use to generate this site. It parses text files (HTML or not, it doesn't really care) and outputs the result, allowing you to include other files and embed python code.

git clone git://blitiri.com.ar/pygen

Browse pygen source

Labeling mail with mutt

A small set of scripts and configuration examples to add email labeling to the mutt email client.
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