Alberto Bertogli

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Professional Work

Since 2011 Google Ireland Staff Site Reliability Engineer Colossus/Infra storage (since 2020)
Cloud Persistent Disk (2016-2020)
Cluster infrastructure (2011-2016)
2007–2010 Integratech Software Developer Carrier-class telephony
1999–2006 Telpin Software Developer Internet and telephony service provider

Open Source Work

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Since 2015 chasquid Author SMTP (email) server (Go)
Since 2015 dnss Author Daemon for using DNS over HTTPS (Go)
2015–2016 Go Contributor Fix testing and flag interaction (#16739)
net unix socket documentation fix (#29180)
Since 2009 libfiu Author C library for fault injection (C)
2007–2009 Linux kernel Contributor uml filesystem improvements (5822b7fa)
bio minor cleanups (e.g. 8deaf721, 20b636bf)
Since 2004 libjio Author Userspace library for transaction-oriented I/O (C)