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2023-08-30 test: Add Go tests for errors that can't be covered by en... Alberto Bertogli main next
2023-08-28 Parallelize walking logic Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-28 Extract walking logic to a common function Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-23 test: Set up GitHub actions Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-23 Add README, LICENSE, and support for `go install` Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-23 Support multiple roots Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-19 test: Hard-code known checksums in expected verbose output Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-19 test: Minor bash style fixes Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-18 help: Clarify that flags come before the command Alberto Bertogli
2023-08-18 Remove sqlite support Alberto Bertogli

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errors_test.go 2440
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