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2019-01-07 Honour CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS when building shared libraries Alberto Bertogli next
2019-01-07 libfiu: Avoid the use of PATH_MAX Alberto Bertogli
2018-12-13 tests/utils: Make "wrap" easier to call by hand Alberto Bertogli
2018-12-13 preload/posix: Enforce initialization of ferror hash table Alberto Bertogli
2018-10-25 Mangle the return offset size for 64-bit variants too Chris Lamb
2018-10-23 libfiu 0.97 Alberto Bertogli 0.97
2018-10-01 preload/posix: Remove unnecessary "if (stream == NULL)" c... Alberto Bertogli
2018-10-01 preload/posix: Don't rely on %p showing a hexadecimal rep... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-30 preload/posix: Simplify ferror() and clearerr() wrappers Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-30 tests: Add test for the handling of FILE * errors Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-30 libfiu: Improve/fix handling of deleted elements in the h... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-30 preload/posix: Decrement recursion counter in ferror() wr... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-30 preload/posix: Replace open-coded hash table with the exi... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-30 preload/posix/modules: Fix stale faked ferror entries. Ian Blanes
2018-09-29 bindings/python: Write atomically Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-29 Makefile: Extend "clean" targets to cover more build arti... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-26 preload/posix: Remove unnecessary parameter in mkwrap_def Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-26 preload/posix: Use macros to generate wrappers for variad... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-26 tests: Add tests for some of the new stdio functions Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-26 libfiu: Fix strncpy() calls, make sure buffers are zero-i... Alberto Bertogli
2018-09-12 Support for the full set of I/O operations in stdio.h, in... Ian Blanes
2018-09-08 gitignore: Ignore "hidden" files (.*) Alberto Bertogli
2018-06-30 preload/posix: Make build more robust against --as-needed Alberto Bertogli
2018-05-21 Allow users to set the PRNG seed via the environment Alberto Bertogli
2018-05-13 Add a function to manually set the PRNG seed (fiu_set_prn... Alberto Bertogli
2018-04-04 preload/posix: Make function_list generation reproducible Alberto Bertogli
2018-03-25 libfiu 0.96 Alberto Bertogli 0.96
2018-03-25 tests/utils: Fix broken dependency chain in Makefile Alberto Bertogli
2017-09-04 libfiu: Make sure either get_func_start() or get_func_end... Alberto Bertogli
2017-09-04 tests: Better assertions in the C tests Alberto Bertogli
2017-09-04 Correct comparison in fiu_run_init Moritz Lipp
2017-08-29 Correct "SYNOPSIS" typo. Chris Lamb
2017-01-19 preload/posix/generate: Replace spaces with tab Jakub Wilk
2016-11-17 libfiu 0.95 Alberto Bertogli 0.95
2015-08-17 Move libraries after files that need them to fix FTBFS wi... Logan Rosen
2016-10-23 Sort modules to ensure reproducible order in binary. Chris Lamb
2016-07-20 doc: Fix typos Jakub Wilk
2015-10-18 Add configuration file for Alberto Bertogli
2015-09-24 tests/utils: Set LC_ALL=C for tests that are locale-depen... Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-15 tests: Add required flags to the stack tests Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-16 tests: Remove -rdynamic where it wasn't needed Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-14 libfiu 0.94 Alberto Bertogli 0.94
2015-08-14 tests/collisions: Reorder cc command line to fix compile ... Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-08 preload/posix: Fix gcc version check Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-02 tests: Add a test for symbol collision Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-02 libfiu: Filter the list of exported symbols Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-02 tests: Make random tests more robust Alberto Bertogli
2015-08-02 tests: Add a test for cache invalidation Alberto Bertogli
2015-07-29 wtable: invalidate cache when adding an entry Tim Cuthbertson
2015-07-20 make: support parallel building with dependency on build-... Charles Hardin

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